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This scheme is in force since 1994-95 in 132 markets of the State. Loans up to Rs.2,00,000-00 or 60% of the value of the agricultural produce may be paid to the farmers against the pledge of their agricultural produce. The period of advance shall not exceed 180 days from the date of pledging of the produce. No interest shall be charged for the first 90 days from the date of disbursement of the advance and there after interest shall be charged at the following rates-



Rate of Interest


Up to Rs.25,000

4% Per annum


Rs. 25,000/- and above but below Rs.50,000/-

6% Per annum


Rs.50,000/- and above but below Rs.1.00 lakh

8% Per annum


Rs.1.00 lakh and above but below Rs.2.00 lakhs

10% Per annum

The market committee will take adequate steps to safeguard the pledged produce against fire, theft and such other risks, and arrange for periodical fumigation at the cost of the market committee.


The market committee may also except ware house receipts issued to a produce-seller by the Karnataka State Ware Housing Corporation or Central Ware Housing Corporation or such other co-operative societies as notified by Director of Agricultural Marketing from time to time and grant short term advance on the pledge of such receipt.



The Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board is implementing “Raitha Sanjeevini” Accidental Benefit Scheme for the benefit of all the Agriculturist of Karnataka. If a farmer or his family member in the age group of 15 to 60 dies while performing the agricultural operations or selling agricultural & horticultural commodities in the market yards etc., a compensation of Rs.1,00,000 is sanctioned. If a farmer become handicapped due to accident, then depending upon the seriousness of the injury he is sanctioned a compensation of Rs.1,500 to 30,000. The farmer need not pay any premium towards the scheme.


The Raitha Sanjeevini Scheme managed by the KSAMB. From 1996-97 to till date, 9557 farmers have been sanctioned Rs.31.82 crores under this scheme.



To help the farmers from distress sale, Floor Price Scheme has been formulated. Government will declare Minimum Support Price and arrange for procurement of the same. For the purpose, Revolving Fund has been set up. Market committees in the State contribute 0.5% of the market fee collected every month. The KSAMB will manage the fund. The scheme is first of its kind in the country and many States are evincing keen interest to adopt the same in respective States for the benefit of farming community.


Details of the funds are as follows :

Total resources mobilized for the fund - Rs. 470.02 crores.


1. Contributions from the APMCs - Rs. 334.60 crores.

2. Grants from the State Government – Rs. 87.73 crores.

3. Interest from the Banks - Rs.45.48 crores.

4. Profit Rs.2.21 crores.


From the year 1999 till date 4,39,736 farmers have benefited under the scheme. Rs.896.17 crores have been revolved for the purpose of procurement of agriculture and horticultural produce since 1999-2000 till date.

 Aam Admi Bheema Yojana

The Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board is implementing Aam Admi Bheema Yojana Scheme for the benefit of hamals, and weighmen working in 157 APMCs.  The APMC on behalf of every ‘Shramik’ contributes Rs.100 annually. The Government of India under the Social Security Scheme releases Rs.100 per person registered under this scheme to LIC.  The Scheme is in force from 1999. Under this Scheme if a person dies naturally he gets a compensation of Rs.30,000. If the death is due to accident then the compensation to be paid is Rs.75,000.                     During the year 2015-16 Shramiks numbering 300388 have registered their names under the Aam Admi Bheema Yojana and 2099 beneficiaries have been sanctioned a compensation of Rs.58.91 lakhs as on 29/02/2016. At the end of this year the scheme has been entrusted to Metlife India Ltd.,


In addition to this, the Government of India pay scholarship to two students of 9th to 12th standard in a family of the insurer and they get a sum of Rs.600/- per quarter.



During 2014-15 budget speech a proposal has been submitted to the Government under para No.83 to the welfare of Hamals who are working in the Agricultural Produce Market Yards under the license issued by the Agricultural Produce Market committees. These are the hardworking poor people who are living below the poverty line. In case these Hamals fall ill they find it very difficult to get the good medical treatment. To provide some medical relief and Rs.10,000 as Death relief fund "Kayaka Nidhi" has been sarted. To ensure partial medical to Hamala working in Agricultural Produce Market yards. To meet partial medical expenses for the identified and approved diseases apart from Health Department.Under Kayaka nidhi 51 Beneficiaries have been sanctioned Rs.6,42,285/- as on 2014-15 to 2015-16(Feb).


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